A traffic attorney Houston can help you deal with the many potentially harsh consequences for traffic violations in Texas. In addition to steep fines, traffic convictions can result in higher insurance costs, suspension of your driver’s license, possible jail time, and more. An experienced Houston traffic attorney can help you understand the many potential outcomes of pleading guilty, making a no contest plea, or being found guilty of traffic violations.

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) has been authorized by the state’s Driver Responsibility Program to add surcharges to the driving records of individuals who commit certain traffic offenses. Contact an experienced traffic lawyer Houston for advice and representation if you’ve received a traffic ticket that you believe you should plead “not guilty” to and that could lead to costly surcharges, in the event of a conviction.

Surcharge Assessment

Surcharges do not replace driver’s license revocation, suspension, denial, cancellation, or disqualification; rather, they are additional fees resulting from certain traffic convictions. To possibly avoid costly surcharges, contact a traffic attorney in Houston. There are two ways in which surcharges are assessed, those being a point system and conviction-based.

If an individual is convicted of having no insurance but later sends proof of insurance to DPS, the offense of no insurance will be waived; the surcharge, however, will still be assessed against the individual, which is one of the reasons it is advisable to contact a Houston traffic attorney.

Surcharge cases are reviewed annually by DPS. The amount of a surcharge can vary from year to year if convictions are removed or added from an individual’s driving record. Under the following circumstances, the driving record of an individual will have a surcharge assessed against them, upon review:

  • If it has been less than three years since the underlying conviction.
  • If the driving record continues to reflect more than five points. Every traffic violation an individual is convicted of results in points on their Texas driver’s license, and it is recommended that you contact a traffic attorney in Houston if you receive a traffic ticket.

The Point System

The points assigned to drivers’ records are based on moving violations. The time period in which an offense is committed and the type of offense determine the points assigned to the driving record. A traffic attorney in Houston may be able to help you keep points from being added to your record. More about the point system follows:

  • The points assigned to a driver record for traffic convictions remain for three years.
  • 2 points are added for a moving violation conviction, except speeding less than 10% faster than the speed limit posted in any location other than a school zone. To contest a speeding ticket, contact a traffic attorney in Houston.
  • 2 points are added for convictions related to child passenger safety seat systems.
  • 3 points are added for any moving violation that results in an accident.

Contact a traffic attorney Houston to deal with tickets and try to avoid costly surcharges and added points on your driver record.